Lamb Recipes

Lamb Recipes

Lamb is soften combined with dried beans in France, and the pretty green flageolets make particularly attractive dishes. Haricot beans may be used if preferred.

Fresh lamb from very young sheep is fine grained and light pink in color. Australian lamb is juicy and tender with a mild flavor and is perfect for pan-frying or barbecuing.

Lamb tagine is a fragrant dish, originating in North Africa. It is traditionally made in a cooking dish, known as a tagine, from where it takes its name. This dish consists of a plate with a tall lid with sloping sides. It has a narrow opening to let steam escape, while retaining the flavor.

Different Cuts of Lamb

How to Bone a Leg of Lamb ?

How to Carve a Shoulder and Leg of Lamb ?

  1. Apricot Prune Stuffed Lamb

  2. Barbecued Marinated Chops

  3. Bobotie

  4. Braised Lamb Shanks

  5. Coriander Lamb Curry

  6. Dilled Lamb Stew

  7. French Lamb with Flageolets

  8. Fried Mutton

  9. Glazed Lamb Cutlets with Green Salad

  10. Island Lamb Stew

  11. Kidneys Cooked with Sherry

  12. Lamb and Apple Parcels

  13. Lamb and Artichokes

  14. Lamb and Beans

  15. Lamb and Eggplant

  16. Lamb and Pomegranate Rice

  17. Lamb and Raisin Meatballs

  18. Lamb Chop Rice Bake

  19. Lamb Estofado Conquistador

  20. Lamb Pilaff

  21. Liver in a Sherry and Yoghurt Sauce

  22. Mongolian Lamb

  23. Mutton in Tomato Sauce

  24. Mutton with Cabbage Curry

  25. Parmesan Breaded Lamb Chops

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  1. Pan Roasted Lamb with Beetroot, Feta Cheese, and Mustard Sauce

  2. Roasted Lamb Loin with Cappuccino and Vanilla Sauce

  3. Rosemary Lamb Cooked on Potatoes

  4. Sardinian Lamb with Fennel and Tomato

  5. Skillet Lamb Chops

  6. Spring Lamb Casserole

  7. Stir Fried Lamb with Apples and Vegetables

  8. Stuffed Leg or Lamb

  9. Stuffed Roast Lamb Leg

  10. Sunrise Lamb

  11. West Country Leg of Lamb

Lamb Cooking Recipes - Indian

  1. Lamb Curry

  2. Minced Lamb

  3. Stir Fried Lamb with Mint and Chili


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