Indian Recipes

Indian Recipes

The Indian cook carefully chooses her spices to enhance the flavor of the main ingredient. Thus while cardamom and cloves will do wonders for mutton, fenugreek will be all-important when it comes to fish curry.

Normally more than one curry is served, with rice and / or Indian bread. Side dishes of fruity chutneys, tangy pickles and mild raitas (yogurt sauces) can be added according to your taste. Aubergine - A native to India, the purple aubergine is the most common. It is always eaten cooked and is use din classic mince dishes such as moussaka. It has a slightly bitter taste and should be left to stand covered in salt before use to extract the bitter juices.

More Indian Cooking Recipes

Indian Recipes - Lamb

  1. Chettinad Lamb and Coconut (Tengai Attu Kari)

  2. Lamb Korma (Gosht Korma)

  3. Easy Mutton Curry

  4. Exotic Lamb Curry

  5. Kashmir Meatball Curry

  6. Indian Lamb Curry

  7. Lamb Cooked in Whole Spices

  8. Lamb Curry

  9. Lamb Korma

  10. Lamb Tikka

  11. Lamb with a Unique Flavor of Pomegranate

  12. Lamb with Onions

  13. Lamb with Spinach

  14. Leg of Lamb and Pistachios

  15. Madras Stick Curry

  16. Minced Lamb with Peas

  17. Mutton and Dhall Curry

  18. Mutton and Green Peppers (North Indian Style)

  19. Mutton and Potato Curry

  20. Mutton Korma

  21. Mutton with Drumstick Curry

  22. Red Lamb and Almond Curry

  23. Spiced Mutton

  24. Spiced Mutton Chops

  25. Spicy Lamb (Gosht Jalfry)

  26. Spicy Lamb Chops

  27. Stir Fried Lamb Delight

Indian Recipes - Accompaniments

  1. Banana Chili Curry (Hyderabadi Chili Koora)

  2. Bhatura

  3. Boondi Raita

  4. Chappatis

  5. Cumin Rice (Jeera Pulao)

  6. Exotic Chicken Biryani

  7. Khasta Bread (Roti)

  8. Lachha Parantha

  9. Lamb Biryani

  10. Masala Poori

  11. Mint Raita

  12. Naan

  13. Parantha

  14. Potato Curry

  15. Samosas

  16. Singara

  17. Spiced Small Potatoes (Hyderabadi Chats)

Indian Recipes - Soup

  1. Rasam

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Indian Recipes - Seafood

  1. Coconut Fish

  2. Coriander Flavored Pomfret

  3. Fish Fillets Flavored in Mustard

  4. Fish Fillets in Coconut Sauce

  5. Fish with Fenugreek Leaves (Machi Methi)

  6. Fish in Yoghurt

  7. Fish Moilee

  8. Fish Rolls

  9. Fish, Slow Oven Style

  10. Five Spice Fish Balls

  11. Parsee Fish with Mint Chutney (Patrani Machi)

  12. Tomato Fish

  13. Spicy Red Snapper

  14. Fennel Flavored Shrimps

  15. Indian Prawn Fritters

  16. Pickled Shrimps

  17. Pomegranate Shrimps

  18. Sesame Seed Coated Shrimps

  19. Shrimp Curry

  20. Shrimps Exotica

  21. Shrimps in Coconut

  22. Shrimp with Mangoes

  23. Spice Coast Crab (Kekada Malabari)

  24. Seafood and Mixed Vegetable Bonanza

Indian Cooking Recipes - Chicken

  1. Balti Chicken

  2. Balti Chicken Vindaloo

  3. Bangalore Chicken Curry

  4. Bombay Chicken Masala

  5. Chicken Almond Steaks

  6. Chicken and Dhal Curry

  7. Chicken and Spinach Masala

  8. Chicken Bhuna

  9. Chicken Dhansak

  10. Chicken Flavored with Cashew Nuts

  11. Chicken in a Spicy Spinach Puree

  12. Chicken Jalfrezi

  13. Chicken Korma with Green Beans

  14. Chicken Makhani

  15. Chicken Raan

  16. Chicken Tikka Masala

  17. Chicken Vindaloo

  18. Chicken with Black Pepper

  19. Exotic Chicken Dumplings

  20. India Kochi's History

  21. Indian Roast Chicken with Masala Apple Stuffing

  22. Kadhai Chicken

  23. Kashmir Chicken Curry

  24. Stir Fried Chicken

  25. Stir Fried Chicken with Spring Onions

  26. Shah Jehani Korma


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