Fish Cooking Recipes

Fish Cooking Recipe

Fish is healthy, no question about it. Even fatty fishes have lower fat compared to pork or beef. Fish also contains high-quality complete proteins plus heart-friendly Omega-3 fatty acids to keep you healthy and vigorous. Enjoy the benefits of fish with these special recipes. Do not open or remove the foil from the salmon during the cooking or standing time, as the contained steam contributes to cooking the fish and keeping it moist.

Fish is a food of tremendous character and charm. To a cook who has true feeling for raw materials, there is great satisfaction to be found in the beauty of form, the shimmering colors of scale and skin, and the distinctive flavors and textures of fish of all kinds.

It pays to look beyond the inevitable cod, haddock, and sole - although these are no less good for their predictability. But the seas, rivers, and lakes are filled with its own character. It is comparatively easy to obtain a thick slice of swordfish or a fresh trout, but more of a triumph to find a beautiful sea bass, a colorful red drum, or a fresh halibut steak. Cooking becomes more of a pleasure if one can make an occasional experiment or discovery, and among fish these are endless discoveries to be made.

The 3 worst things to do with Fillets: 1) Turn them too often (more than once) when sauteing or broiling them, which makes them break apart and more inclined to dry out. 2) Store fresh fish in the refrigerator without putting it in a bowl of ice, which keeps it fresh and stops it from picking up other flavors or odors. 3) Cook them until they fall apart or dry out.

How to Choose and Cook Fish ?

How to Fillet a Flat Fish ?

More Fish Recipes

  1. Baked Finnan Potatoes

  2. Baked Fish with Bean Sprouts

  3. Baked Haddock and Grapefruit

  4. Bream and Tomato Potage

  5. Coconut Cod Crisp

  6. Cod a la Portuguese

  7. Cod and Prawn Bake in Cheese Sauce

  8. South Sea Island Cod Steaks

  9. Roast Monkfish Parma Ham

  10. Grilled Red Mullet with Salsa Verde

  11. Red Mullet Baked in Foil

  12. Baked Salmon with Mustard Dill Sauce

  13. Broiled Salmon Steaks

  14. Fresh Salmon Salad with Pine Nuts

  15. Poached Salmon Steaks with Cucumber Sauce

  16. Salmon and Hazelnut Mousse Bowls

  17. Salmon and Potato Casserole

  18. Salmon Cooked in Aromatic Coconut Milk

  19. Salmon Loaf with Egg Sauce

  20. Salmon Parcels

  21. Salmon Potato and Rice Bake

  22. Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms

  23. Salmon with Cucumber Coleslaw

  24. Smoked Salmon Pate

  25. Smoked Salmon Salad with Lemon Honey Cucumbers

  26. Smoked Salmon with Potato Cakes, soured cream and chives

  27. Sweet Corn and Salmon Rissoles

  28. Baked Snapper with Pineapple Seasoning

  29. Red Snapper a La Vera Cruzana

  30. Snapper Supreme

  31. Snapper with Lemon Soy Marinade and Caviar

  32. Fish a la King

  33. Fish and Sweet Corn Casserole

  34. Fish Cakes with Onion Sauce

  35. Fish Cobbler

  36. Fish Creole

  37. Fish Fillets en Papillote

  38. Fish Fillets in Cabbage

  39. Fish in Beer Batter

  40. Fish Kebabs with Sweet Corn

  41. Fish Omelet

  42. Fish Ratatouille

  43. Kedgeree

  44. Marinated Fish with Carrots

  45. Mackerel and Grapefruit Sticks Recipe

  46. Mackerel with Rhubarb Sauce

  47. Marinated Fish Fillets

  48. Moroccan Fish Soup

  49. Norfolk Fish Pie

  50. Norwegian Fish Soup

  51. Pan Fried Fish Fillets with Quick Curry Sauce

  52. Raw Fish Salad

  53. Smoked Haddock Provencale

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Chinese Cooking Recipes - Fish

  1. Fish with Hot Bean Paste

  2. Hearty Fish Chowder

  3. Lucky Raw Fish

  4. Oriental Skillet Supper

  5. Steamed Fish

  6. Steamed Fish with Ginger and Spring Onion

  7. Sweet Sour Fish

  8. Tuna Olive Pate

Malaysian Fish Recipes

  1. Fish Curry

  2. Fish in a Hot Gravy

  3. Fish in a Hot Sour Gravy

  4. Fish in a Pungent Gravy

  5. Fish in Hot Coconut Gravy

  6. Fried Fish

  7. Fried Stuffed Fish

  8. Grilled Fish

  9. Salt Fish Curry

  10. Steamed Stuffed White Fish

  11. Grilled Swordfish with Snow Peas and Water Chestnuts

  12. Swordfish with Red Potatoes

  13. Spiced Fish and Plantain Casserole

  14. Spiced Fish Souffle

  15. Fresh Tuna with Anchovies and Mushrooms

  16. Griddled Tuna with Shallot Jus

  17. Quick Tuna Skillet

  18. Tuna Cabbage Rolls in Mushrooms

  19. Tuna Livorno Style

  20. Tuna Melt Croissants

  21. Tuna Salad Nicoise with Avocado

  22. Tuna Steaks with Chive and Dill Sauce

  23. Tuna with Tomatoes, Peppers and Garlic

  24. Trout Fillets in Sousing Drink

  25. Trout with Almonds

  26. Tunisian Grilled Sardines with Tomato Relish

  27. Vineyard Plaice Cooking Recipe

  28. Zippy fish Fillets


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